Актуальні проблеми психології: збірник наукових праць Інституту психології імені Г.С. Костюка НАПН України, 2016, Том. ІX, Загальна психологія. Етнічна психологія. Історична психологія, Вип. 8


Content 3

Андросович К.А. Androsovych K.A. The phenomenon of social adaptation as a subject of scientific analysis. 6-14

Антоненко О.Ю. Antonenko O.Ju. Individual features of visual perception of personality. 14-22

Бабак С.В. Babak S.V. The role of the environment in the development of personality .. 22-33

Барчі Б.В. Barchi B.V. Socio-psychological support: content and structure .. 33-43

Білоконь І. В. Bilokon' I. V. Principles of the humanistic paradigm of the value-semantic sphere in domestic psychology .. 43-52

Бондар К.В. Bondar K.V. A study of the lifestyle of a young woman 52-64

Бондаренко Я.І., Кубриченко Т.В. Bondarenko Ja.I., Kubrychenko T.V. Features of self-assessment of single adults of different sexes. 64-72

Бриндіков Ю.Л. Bryndikov Ju.L. Ways to overcome post-traumatic stress disorder in servicemen: socio-psychological aspects .. 72-83

Бугайова Н.М. Bugajova N.M. Features of the development of suicidal behavior during periods of age crises .. 83-96

Васильченко О.М. Vasyl'chenko O.M. Resource support for counteracting emotional burnout in specialists of socionomic professions. 96-104

Вальо Л.І. Val'o L.I. Characteristics of the criterion apparatus of teachers' adaptability to professional activity at the stage of its completion. 104-113

Волобуєв В.В. Volobujev V.V. Features of the dynamics of changes in the personal characteristics of victims of man-made accidents and catastrophes with non-psychotic mental disorders in the long term after differentiated psychothe 113-120

Гейко Є.В. Gejko Je.V. Formation of personality integrity: psychotherapeutic aspect 120-131

Гуцол С.Ю. Gucol S.Ju. Mythological aspects of narrative practices of self-design of personality .. 131-138

Данилюк І.В., Курапов А.О. Danyljuk I.V., Kurapov A.O. Peculiarities of the relationship between psychological characteristics and the choice of acculturation strategy in adolescence .... 138-148

Джоган В.М. Dzhogan V.M. Theoretical foundations of the study of the problem of dialogue. 148-157

Дідух М.Л. Diduh M.L. Personal factors of ethnic individuation. 157-165

Дубчак Г.М. Dubchak G.M. Dynamics of stress resistance of students during their studies at the university 165-172

Євдокимова Н.О., Дроботун О.С. Jevdokymova N.O., Drobotun O.S. Reflective workshop as a means of forming professional self-identity of students of pedagogical specialties ... 172-185

Євченко І.М. Jevchenko I.M. Analysis of the problem of personal sovereignty .... 185-192

Железнякова Ю.В. Zheleznjakova Ju.V. Introduction of the program of psychological correction of subjective feeling of loneliness as a factor of addictive behavior of younger teenagers and proving its effectiveness 192-201

Зеленська З.П. Zelens'ka Z.P. Features of development of communicative skills of high school students. 201-209

Івашкевич Е.З. Ivashkevych E.Z. Categorical approaches to determining the social intelligence of the individual. 209-220

Івашкевич І.В. Ivashkevych I.V. Training of lawyers in higher educational institutions of ukraine and formation of professional competence of specialists .. 220-231

Кельнер С.С. Kel'ner S.S. Psychological features of the formation of the integrity of the personality of the future practical psychologist. 231-242

Коваль І.А. Koval' I.A. Clinical and psychopathological characteristics of patients with calculous chodecystitis with comorbid mental disorders .. 242-251

Комар Т.В. Komar T.V. The role of value orientations of the individual and his socio-psychological space in the formation of professional maturity of specialists in socionomic professions. 251-263

Компанович М. С. Kompanovych M. S. Features of the use of psychocorrectional techniques in working with adolescents with psychosomatic cardiovascular disease 263-272

Котик І.О. Kotyk I.O. Theoretical aspects of the problem of personality reliability. 272-281

Курбатова А.О. Kurbatova A.O. Meaningful life orientations as a factor of professional development of personality .. 281-290

Кухарчук О.В. Kuharchuk O.V. Relationship between the degree of threat experienced and post-traumatic consequences in servicemen .... 290-296

Литвинчук Л.М. Lytvynchuk L.M. To the problem of psychological mechanisms of addictive process .. 296-305

Максимів І.І. Maksymiv I.I. Training as a means of psychological correction of children who are prone to begging 305-314

Мартинюк І.А. Martynjuk I.A. History of research of a problem of readiness of the person for implementation of activity 314-328

Маслюк А.М. Masljuk A.M. Identity problem analysis .. 328-339

Маценко В.Ф. Macenko V.F. Act as a center of formation of the psychological system of knowledge in the works of va romentsya. 339-349

Маценко Ж.М. Macenko Zh.M. Transhistorical origins of the formation of ideas about spirituality in the humanistic paradigm of ukrainian psychology of the xix - early xx centuries. 349-355

Мельник О.А. Mel'nyk O.A. The principle of cardiocentrism as a way of knowing a person in university psychology in ukraine in the xix - early xx centuries .... 355-363

Мішкулинець О.О. Mishkulynec' O.O. Self-determination of the youngest teenager in the conditions of modernization of school education ... 363-372

Моргунова Я.М. Morgunova Ja.M. Culture as a factor in the formation of metaphor in early school age 372-383

Мурусинець М., Чегі Т. Murusynec' M., Chegi T. Reflection as a mechanism for the development of professional "i" of students 383-394

Носко Л.А. Nosko L.A. Program of empirical research of reflexivity of students-psychologists 394-400

Палько Т.В. Pal'ko T.V. Development of teachers' reflection in the conditions of postgraduate pedagogical education 400-408

Поклад І.М. Poklad I.M. Historical and psychological reconstruction of ideas about abilities in domestic psychology of the second half of the twentieth century .. 408-418

Посвістак О.А. Posvistak O.A. Analysis of the relationship of family psychology with other areas of scientific knowledge. 418-427

Питлюк-Смеречинська О.Д. Pytljuk-Smerechyns'ka O.D. The role of emotional intelligence in the structure of the "i-concept" of personality .. 427-435

Савицька О.В. Savyc'ka O.V. A model of forming the psychological readiness of a future psychologist to resolve family conflicts. 435-444

Сєдова Н.А. Sjedova N.A. Plot-role play as one of the main factors of intellectual development of the child. 444-452

Січка В.І. Sichka V.I. Visual categories of perception of the picture of the modern world in adolescents. 452-463

Сулятицький І.В. Suljatyc'kyj I.V. Manifestations of socio-psychological characteristics in extreme conditions of negotiations 463-471

Терещук А.Д. Tereshhuk A.D. Experience in the study of affects in psychology .. 471-479

Терлецька Ю.М. Terlec'ka Ju.M. The impact of psychosocial deprivation of high school teachers on their emotional burnout. 479-490

Ткач Б.М. Tkach B.M. Neuropsychological understanding of the problem of sociogenetism and biogenetism of deviant behavior. 490-502

Турбан В.В. Turban V.V. Conflict and professional activity of a practical psychologist ... 502-511

Філіпович В.М. Filipovych V.M. The relationship of cohesion and intellectual competence of students in joint educational activities ... 511-518

Шамич О.М. Shamych O.M. Socio-personal significance of paralympic sports for people with disabilities. 518-527

Шевченко Р.М. Shevchenko R.M. Stress resistance in the context of interdisciplinary research ...... 527-535

Яковлева Н.Ю. Jakovleva N.Ju. Psychodiagnostics of anxiety disorders according to the international classification dsm-5 in patients with otosclerosis ... 535-549

Ятчук М.С. Jatchuk M.S. Socio-psychological climate in the team of first-year cadets of the higher educational institution of the state penitentiary service of ukraine 549-558

Чиханцова О.А. Chyhancova O.A. Sustainability of people with disabilities in the process of social rehabilitation ... 558-567