Actual Problems of Psychology: Scientific Papers of the G.S. Kostiuk Institute of Psychology NAPS Ukraine. - 2020. Vol. IX. - Issue 13


Content 5-7

Афанасенко В. І., Комар Т. В. Afanasenko V. I. , Komar T. V. A scientific theoretical basis for the research of the problem of the strategy of personal creative potential realization 8-18

Березіна О.О. Berezina O. Influence of prolonged social isolation on the formation of fears and phobias 19-25

Блискун О.О. Blyskun О.О. Research of problems of modern youth: sociological and psychological aspects 26-37

Брисковська О.М., Юрченко-Шеховцова Т.І. Bryskovska O.,Yurchenko-ShekhovtsovaT. Opportunities for the development of creative abilities of cadets as one of the conditions for successful adaptation to the ministry of internal affairs with specific trainingconditions 38-48

Бугайова Н.М. Bugaiova N. Psychological cybersecurity in conditions of social isolation and the consequences of the impact of quarantine on the human psyche 49-59

Вернік О.Л. Vernik O. Environments of development of personality in views of domestic scientists of xx century 60-69

Гаврилькевич В. К., Крук С. Л. V. K. Havrylkevych , S. L. Kruk The psychological content and correlation of the concepts of “generous person” and “humane person” 70-78

Гєйко Є.В. Geiko Е. An integrated approach to highlighting the concept of «personal integrity» 79-88

Дерев’янко Н.З. Derevyanko N. Z. Helping others in the context of prosociality adolescent in an inclusive educational environment 89-97

Доценко Л.В., Каряка І.В., Волошина О.О. Dotsenko L.V, Kariaka I.V., Voloshyna O.О. Discussion as a method of developing communicative competence of students are practical psychologists 98-106

Дригус М.Т. Drygus M.T. The idea on an individual’s personal effectiveness - psychological well-being in g.s. kostiuk’s concept of professional self-determination 107-115

Іванцанич В.В. Ivancanych V. Stress resistance as a property of a pupilʼs personality 116-124

Калашникова Л.В. Kalashnykova L. Younger school age in the context of forming of prosocial behaviour 125-133

Кириленко В.Г., Хасанова Т.Р. Kyrylenko V., Khasanova T. Features of educational procrastinations influence on a personal identity of modern youth 134-145

Коваленко А. Б., Печиборщ А. Р. Kovalenko A.B., Pechyborsch A. Factors of well-being of work-migrants 146-156

Копилов С.О. Kopylov S. Mutual determination of systemic synthesis and dialogue of cultures as strategic guidelines integration of psychological knowledge 157-176

Афанасенко В. І., Комар Т. В. Kravchina T.V., Khanetska N.V. Features of psychological well-being of women with different marital status 177-188

Купрєєва О.І. Kuprieieva O.I. Time perspective as a personal resource for self-realization of students with disabilities 189-201

Мамчур І.В. Mamchur I.V. Feature of structure, criteria and levels of development of components of readiness to self-knowledge of senior pupils in educational-playing activity 202-209

Марусинець М.М., Губська Є.В. Marusyniets M., Gubska Y. Stress resistance of ato / oos veterans: empirical research context 210-220

Мельник О.А. Melnyk O. Development of the psychic of human as a process of self-improvement in the domestic philosophical-psychological tradition 221-229

Мул С.А. Mul S. Motivational integrity as a subjective psychological factor of individual activity 230-238

Мусіяка Н. І. Musiiaka N. I. I. o. sikorsky’s conceptual characteristics of a teacher as a personal factor of education 239-247

Петяк О.В., Ханецька Н.В. Petiak O., Khanietska N. Features of the relationship of satisfaction with marriage and interpersonal relations of marriage partners, teaching activities 248-256

Ортікова Н.В. Ortikova N.V. Peculiarities of the training program for the state employment service professionals’ career potential development 257-267

Павелків В.Р. Pavelkiv V.R. The role of the informal peer reference group in the formation of deviation in adolescence 268-277

Палько Т.В. Palko T. Occupational stress: causes and consequences 278-284

Пенькова О.І. Penkova O.I. An individual’s motivation: its social and psychological essence 285-292

Петяк О.В., Комар Т.В. Komar T. V., Petyak E.V. Methods of psychological diagnostics of manifestation of sense of jealousy in marriage partners 293-302

Побокіна Г.М. Pobokina G.M. Socio-psychological features of formation of life choice at the age of early adultity 303-312

Сердюк Л.З. Serdiuk L.Z. The influence of paradigmatic changes in psychology on modern ukrainian studies of personality 313-325

Стрижак А.Є. Stryzhak A. Relationship between personality development categories: success, success, social success, social success 326-338

Солодчук С.Є. Solodchuk S.E. Professional communication as a subject of research in psychology 339-348

Толмачевська В.О., Самара О.Є. Tolmachevska Viktoriia, Samara Olha Constant emotional expression in professional professions with high psychological impact 349-359

Третяк Т.М. Tretiak T. Senior pupils’ creative thinking in complicated informational conditions 360-369

Туз Л.Г. Tuz L. Nurses emotional burnout syndrome at the early stage of professionalization 370-380

Турбан В.В. Turban V. An individual’s self-actualization as a means overcoming the destructive effects of frustration, anxiety or fears 381-396

Турбан В.В. Turban V. Personality in the psychological discourse: excogitation of this concept 397-405

Чайка Г.В. Chaika G.V. Psychological characteristics of a postmodern individual and personal self-determination 406-415

Широбоков Ю.М. Shyrobokov Yu. Psychological characteristics of the methods of psychological influence on prisoners of war used by representatives of illegal armed groups 416-427

Яворська-Вєтрова І.В. Yavorska-Vetrova I.V. The problem of personal attitudes in the approaches used by positive psychology and psychotherapy 428-435

Поклад І.М. Poklad I.M. History of the institute of psychology named after g.s. kostyuk naps of ukraine in names: to the 75th anniversary of the foundation 436-446

Яценко Т.С. Yatsenko T. S. Manifestations of archaic thinking in deep cognition of the psyche 447-489

Жигаренко І.Є. Zhyharenko I.Ye. Varieties of life choice of personality in the period of early adultity and specifics of its dynamics 490-498

Побокіна Г.М. Pobokina G.M. Varieties of life choice of personality in the period of early adultity and specifics of its dynamics 499-508

Турбан В.В. Turban V.V. Creativity, individuality, communication in the speciality of a choreographer 508-518

Лич О.М. Lych O.M. Technologies of training in working with the elderly 519-530

Спицька Л.В., Жигаренко І.Є. Spytska L.V., Zhygarenko I.Ye. Socio-psychological correction of affective personality disorders during crisis 531-539

Онопрієнко-Капустіна Н.В. Onoprienko-Kapustina N.V. Content and components of development of self-efficiency of social services’ future specialists 540-549

Гейко Є.В. Geyko E.V. Poly-systemic integrity of the personality as a factor in preventing negative experiences 550-555

Лунков О.М. Lunkov O.M. The essence and development of self-awareness as the basis of the personal productive and active self-fulfillment 556-566

Іваннікова Г.В. Ivannikova H.V. Relationship between phenomena of self-realization of psychological well-being and sustainability of personality 567-575

Волченко Є.Є. Volchenko Eu. Determinants, levels and conditions of conflicts in the medical field 576-581

Опанасюк І.В. Opanasyuk I.V. Art therapy as a method of developing emotional intelligence of high school age 582-591

Чиханцова О.А. O. Chykhantsova The influence of personal features on the development of the personal hardiness 592-600

Гоян І.М. Hoian I.M. Time perception indicators in youth self-organization: socio-psychological dimension 601-608

Родченкова І.В. Rodchenkova I.V. The specifics of the formation of self-actualization of employees in the field of management 609-617

Беспека Г.С. Bespeka H. Personification of traumatic experience: empirical references 618-623

Логвіновська Л. М. Logvinovska L.M. Formation of personal dignity of modern youth 624-631

Кіреєва З.О., Гоян. І.М Kireeva Z.O., Hoian I.M. Program-target project of social-psychological support of optimization of the process of youth self-organization in the period of social social society 632-642

Френкель С. Frеnkel S. Organizational conditions for the implementation of the structural-functional model of social-psychological support of infected adults 643-650

Максименко С.Д., Ірхін Ю.Б. Maksymenko S., Irkhin Yu. The integrity of personality and systematicity of the psyche in the modern education system of ukraine 651-660

Лукашов О.О. Lukashov O.O. Social-psychological means of developing the social responsibility of personality 662-675

Дигун І.С. Dygun I.S. Social-psychological characteristics of the personal experience of the effect of a stress factor 676-685

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