Actual Problems of Psychology: Scientific Papers of the G.S. Kostiuk Institute of Psychology NAPS Ukraine. - Environmental Psychology. - 2018. Vol. VII. - Issue 45


Content 6-8

Борець Ю.В., Шлімакова І.І. Y. Borets, І. Shlimakova. Psychological principles of the meaning of life and the leading motives of life (budding) in everyday life 9-18

Буковська О.О., Гірченко О.Л. Bukovska O., Hirchenko O. Modern directions of psychological crisis rehabilitation states of expected extremal situations 19-27

Бутенко Н.В. Butenko Nadiia. Structure of family representations about children’s disability 28-38

Ваганова Н.В. Vaganova N. A. The cognitive-perceptive features of world image’s constructing in senior preschool age 39-47

Вернік О.Л. Vernik O.L. The problem of “place” in psychologgical researching 48-59

Вовчик-Блакитна О.О. Vovchyk-Blakytna O.O. Hurlieva T.S. Modern mass-media environment: the guideline of ecologization 60-73

Волинець Н.В. Volynets N. V The theoretical focus-holistic model of the psychological well-being of the personnel of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine 74-99

Гальцева Т.О. Galtseva T. Development of educational self-efficacy of the elderly 100-108

Горбачева О.Ю. Horbachova Olga, System of tutoring support for a psychologist professional development 109-119

Дяченко В.А., Мунасипова-Мотяш І.А. Dyachenko Viktoriya, Munasypova-Motyash Іrina, Dubinina Diana. Satisfaction with life and level of psychological well-being of modern youth 120-129

Зливков В.Л., Лукомська С.О. Zlivkov V.L., Lukomska S.O. 130-132

Кирпенко Т.М. Kyrpenko TM Analysis of the connection between self-control, volitional regulation and environmentally-oriented life activity 133-143

Комар Т.О. Komar Tetiana Oleksandrivna. The main features of self-attitude of youth with disabilities 144-154

Курапов А.О. Kurapov A.O. 155-166

Льовочкіна А.М., Волохова О.В., Крижановська О.T. Liovochkina A.M., Volohova O.V., Kryjanovska O.T. Psychological and methodological features of formation of ecological culture of children of primary school age 167-178

Максимов М.В. Maksymov M.V. Development of reflection by nonverbal methods 179-187

Максимова Н.Ю. Maksymova N.Y. Psychological criteria of eco-friendliness families relations 188-196

Михайленко О.Ю. Mykhailenko O. Yu. Role gramme as way of developing the role-play competence of a future psychologist 197-205

Моляко В. А., Алексеева Т. С. Molyako V.O., Alekseeva T.S. Medical-psychological features of forming of image the ecological сatastrophe 206-221

Настояща У. В. Nastoiascha U. V. Subculture of convicts as a factor of professional deformation of employees of the state criminal-executive service 222-229

Павленко Г.В. Hanna Pavlenko. Personal dispositions as a factor of the psychological well-being of the individual in the scope of uncertainty 230-239

Панасюк Р.В. Panasiuk Raisa Vasylivna. The rise and evolution of views on an issue of “disability” 240-252

Перегончук Н.В. Peregonchuk N.V. Projecting the professional competence of future psychologists in the conditions of transformation of the modern society 253-262

Піонтківська О. Г. Piontkivska O. Readiness of social workers to the implementation of sociopsychological support for elderly people 263-272

Рудоміно-Дусятська О.В. Rudomino-Dusiatska O.V. The Study of Personal Identity as a Factor of Environmentally-Oriented Life Activity 273-282

Сараева Н.М., Гелиакберова И.Л., Суханов А.А. Sarayeva N.M., Galiakberova I.L., Sukhanov A.A. The Resilience of the youth population of the region of ecological trouble by the psichophisiological level’s indicators 283-294

Селезнева И.Н. Seleznyova I. N. Building an inclusive educational space: an ecological approach 295-306

Стуліка О.Б. Stulika O.B. Cognitive aspect of the development of mnemonic and foreign language skills of students of language specialities 307-317

Швалб Ю.М. Shvalb Yu.M. Evolutionary metaphor in the ecological structure of a way of life 318-333

Максименко С.Д., Невмержицький В. М. Maksymenko S. D, Nevmerzhytskyi V. M. Philosophical and anthropological aspects of studying the phenomenon of morality as a measure of personal development 334-340

Our Authors 341-343