Actual Problems of Psychology: Scientific Papers of the G.S. Kostiuk Institute of Psychology NAPS Ukraine. - 2016. Vol. VII. - Issue 42


Content 6-9

Борець Ю.В. Socio-psychological essence and the structurally functional components of civic competence 10-17

Буковська О.О. Reinterpretation and integration of combatants’ psycho-traumatic experience by the method of narration 18-25

Булгакова О.Ю. Psychological readiness to social interaction as a individual psychodiagnostic indicators 26-38

Вернік О.Л. Life goals and life tasks as a psychological basis of personality life activities 39-50

Вовчик-Блакитна О.О. A view of environmentally oriented life activities trouth the prism of personal determinants 51-60

Гірченко О.Л. Correlation between the individual-typological features and students’ national identity 61-69

Дубініна Д.Е. The correlation between personal determinants and methods of self-regulation of behavior with different levels of stress-resistance 70-76

Дячок О.В. Socialization of adolescents in educational establishments 77-87

Живоглядов Ю. Existential coaching "Navigation of Way": psychological and psychotherapeutic looks 88-102

Іванцова Н.Б. Research of professional attitude as a conditions of personal development in a university 103-111

Казарьян П.А. Рrofessional development of future psychologists 112-119

Кирпенко Т.М. Function the will in the process of personal self-development 120-127

Кулікова А.О. Transformation of women self-image depending on the term punishment 128-136

Льовочкіна А.М. Stereotypically ecological concepts, which are need rethinking 137-147

Мунасипова-Мотяш І.А. Peculiarities of environmental competence and environmental facilities of students of different specialities 148-155

Носко Л.А. Empirical research reflexivity of students-psychologists 156-164

Панченко В.О. Conditionality of professional adaptation of managers of commercial organizations by their hardiness 165-172

Піонтківська А. A comparative analysis of approaches to the definition of social activity of the elderly people in Ukraine and abroad 173-181

Рудоміно-Дусятська О.В. Ecological and psychological aspects of studies of personal and social identity 182-193

Скок А.Г. The features of youth’s ethnic tolerance 194-201

Ткач Т.В. Social competence of the manager 202-212

Швалб Ю.М. Study of personality determinants of life activities 213-228

Шлімакова І.І. Development and psychometric characteristics of questionnaire of human’s sensitivity to impacts 229-236

Котик І.О. Social boundaries and the reliable authentic of personality 237-249

Турбан В.В. Serhii Rubinshtein’s paradigm of subjectivity: sphere of formation of ethical and moral representations 250-260

Our Authors (ukr) 261-263

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