Actual Problems of Psychology: Scientific Papers of the G.S. Kostiuk Institute of Psychology NAPS Ukraine. - 2020. Vol. 5. - Issue 20


Content 220

Болотнікова І.В. Bolotnikova I.V. The features of constituents and components of trade union workers’ professional hardiness 3

Войтович М.В., Завадська Т.В. Voytovich M. V. Zavadska T. V. Analysis children's educational institutions educators' professional hardiness 8

Дзвоник Г.П. Dzvonyk G.P. The research of psychophysiological components of professional vitality of managers 17

Зеленська З.П. Zelenska Z.P. The results of the study of the development of communicative skills of primary school students in the process of learning foreign lan- guage vocabulary 26

Івашкевич Е.Е. Ivashkevych E.E. The empirical research of students’ readiness to perform translation activities and their self-actualization in the professional field 35

Клименко В.В. Klimenko V.V. Psychophysiological of the purposeful operating under the reverse foresights of tone of man 48

Кокун О.М. Kokun O.M. Professional hardiness of personality: an analysis of the phenomenon 68

Комплієнко І.О. Kompliіenko I.O. Psychological determinants of the formation of harmonious family relationships 81

Корніяка О.М. Korniyaka O.M. The main directions of psychological support for university lecturers’ professional self-fulfilment 91

Могиляста С.М. Mohyliasta S.M. English lesson as a psychological and pedagogical tool of high school students' emotional intelligence development: learning from experience 106

Панасенко Н.М. Panasenko N.M. The research of psychological features of journalists’ profes- sional viability 117

Савченко Т. Л. Savchenko T.L. Studies of the specifics of professional resilience of teachers 128

Хупавцева Н.О. Hupavtseva N.O. Psychological principles of facilitative pedagogical interaction 137

Чудакова О.М. Chudakova O.M. Psychological and pedagogical support by teachers of gifted children’s development 148

Сердюк О.А. Serdiuk O.A. Self-organization and self-determination as factors influencing an individual’s effective entrepreneurship 162

Траверсе Т.М., Кравченко С.І. Traverse T. M., Kravchenko S. I. Motives of political participation of ideologically right- and left-oriented youth 172

Яворська А.В. Yavorska A. V. Personality and activity of a psychotherapist: psychogram (professionally significant qualities) 182

Траверсе Т.М. Traverse T. M. Self-knowledge as a factor in the formation of the self-concept of a citizen`s personality 191

Мушкевич М.І. Mushkevych M.I. Psycholigical portrait of the representatives of internal movement 203

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