Actual Problems of Psychology: Scientific Papers of the G.S. Kostiuk Institute of Psychology NAPS Ukraine. – 2016. – Volume 11. Personology. Psychological support person. – Issue 14


Content 3-5

Богдан Л. М. Psychological readiness as component of training future experts of social sphere 5-14

Грись А. М., Голубнюк В. О. Psychological factors of social disadaptation of adolescents 15-26

Ліщина Н. В. Emotional orientation of person experiencing personal crisis 27-37

Литвинчук Л. М. The problem of anosognosia the patient as a factor in identifying patterns of rehabilitation and resocialization 38-49

Максимов М. В. Development of creative potential as a resource positive socialization 50-60

Максимова Н. Ю. Socio-psychological aspects implementation of the programmes probation 61-69

Манілов І. Ф. Theoretical basics of psychotherapeutic confrontational suggestion: cognitive psychotherapy 70-81

Мельниченко Л. М. Socio-psychological rehabilitation with art therapy of children from the ATO zone 81-90

Мельничук О. Б. Current issues of professional formation of intelligence of future professionals in the context of social training to provide primary psychological care crisis clients 91-99

Некіз Т. А. Psychodrama’s power for resolving of conflicts during the student’s age 100-108

Павлюк М. М. Subjectivity in the context of personal self-dependence 109-119

Попелюшко Р. П. Factors for formation of posttraumatic stress disorders in combatants 120-129

Раєвська Я. М. Social and psychological support of social orphans 130-139

Рябовол Т. А., Комарицька К. Д. Research the characteristics of actual fears of modern teenagers 140-151

Соловей Я. Г. The values of teacher’s influence, parents and contact environment on the development of musical gifted person 152-160

Старков Д. Ю. Formation of chemical addict’s motivation to therapy 160-181

Терещук А. Д. Person’s affective behaviour in the context of modern psychological researches 181-192

Ткач Б. М. Аpplying meditative techniques for correction of deviant behavior 193-204

Травенко О. С. Psychological mechanisms of emotional self-regulation in women with preclinical forms of eating disorders 205-214

Чайка Г. В. Self-concept as structural and dynamic aspects of self in works of ukrainian and foreign researchers 215-226

Щербина-Прилука В. М. The issue of reflection development by persons with deviant behaviour during their re-socialization 227-235

Ярошко П. М. Development of personal identification of deviant adolescents during social and psychological activities at teenage sport clubs of table tennis 236-245

Our Authors 246-247