Actual Problems of Psychology: Scientific Papers of the G.S. Kostiuk Institute of Psychology NAPS Ukraine. – 2019. Organizational psychology. Economical psychology. Social psychology – Volume 1. – Issue 54. – 112 p


Content 109-110

Дунець Л. М., Павліченко А. П. Dunets, L. M., Pavlichenko, A. P. Features of professional communication of future police officers 3-8

Карамушка Л. М., Вознюк А. В. Karamushka, L. M., Voznyuk, A. V. Psychological analysis of managing education districts as innovative organizations 8-15

Карамушка Л. М., Креденцер О. В., Терещенко К. В. Karamushka, L. M., Kredentser, O. V., Tereshchenko, K. V. Tools for researching staff's mental health 15-22

Клочко А. О. Klochko, A. O. Personal characteristics of educational organization managers: relationship with innovative management styles . 22-29

Лагодзінська В. І. Lagodzinska, V. I. Creativity as an important determinant of mental health of educational staff: a theoretical analysis of the problem 29-36

Лагодзінський В. В. Lagodzinsky, V. V. Theoretical analysis of the concept of emotional leadership . 36-43

Примачок Л. Л. Prymachok, L. L. Comparative study into professional competence of physical rehabilitation specialists with different work experience 43-54

Рутина Ю. В. Rutyna, Yu. V. The content and structure of the training program "Professional Self-Actualization of Civil Servants" 54-63

Шаумян О. Г. Shaumyan, O. H. A study into information security manager's personality 63-68

Дембицька Н. М. Dembytska, N. M. The development of comprehensive school students' entrepreneurship and personal property values during their economic socialization . 69-76

Карамушка Л. М., Креденцер О. В. Karamushka, L. M., Kredentser, O. V. Training "Teaching Staff's Entrepreneurial Activity Development Psychological Training": structure, content and use 76-84

Грейліх О. О. Greilich, О. O. Features of communicative orientation of preschool children’s speech training 85-89

Малоголова О. О. Maloholova, O. O. Internet addiction and its impact on adolescents 89-95

Overchuk, V. A. Overchuk, V. A. Socio-psychological support for people with disability as a condition of their successful social integration . 95-100

Орловська О. А. Orlovska, O. A. Combatants’ family adaptation psychological factors 100-105

Максименко С. Д., Карамушка Л. М., Терещенко К. В. Maksymenko, S. D., Karamushka, L. M., Tereshchenko, K. V. International Scientific-Practical Conference “Proactive Tolerance as a Road to Peace” (September 13–14, 2019, Uzhgorod) 106-107