Actual Problems of Psychology: Scientific Papers of the G.S. Kostiuk Institute of Psychology NAPS Ukraine. - 2018. Vol. I. - Issue 50


Content 71-72

Березовська Л. І., Брецко І. І. Berezovska, L. I., Bretsko, I. I. Psychological characteristic of burnout in future teachers .. 3-8

Гуменюк О. Г. Gumenyuk, O. G. Theoretical analysis of the main aspects of civil servants' leadership 9-15

Гура Н. А. Gura, N. A. The effects of the parental factor on career development and interruption: empirical study results 15-24

Карамушка Л. М., Креденцер О. В., Терещенко К. В., Івкін В. М., Лагодзінська В. І., Ковальчук О. С. Karamushka, L. M., Kredentser, O. V., Tereshchenko, K. V., Ivkin, V. M., Lagodzinska, V. I., Kovalchuk, O. S. Educational institution staff ambiguity intolerance: relationship with the types and strength of organizational culture . 24-32

Пастух Л. В. Pastukh, L. V. The role of the head of educational institution in preventing teaching staff conflicts 33-39

Бігунов Д. О. Bihunov, D. O. Conflict communication: types of high school students’ speech behavior . 40-46

Власов П. К., Киселева А. А. Vlasov, P. K., Kiseleva, A. A. Productive communication . 46-50

Гірняк А. Н. Hirnyak, A. N. Psychological techniques of attraction formation as educational interaction establishment instruments 50-57

Зозуля О. В. Zozulia, O. V. Reasons for gender-based violence in conditions of the armed conflict in Ukraine 57-64

Синельников Р. Ю. Sinelnikov, R. Yu. Youth civic identity development socio-psychological program "Civic Identity: Goals, Resources and Meanings" 64-70