Actual Problems of Psychology: Scientific Papers of the G.S. Kostiuk Institute of Psychology NAPS Ukraine. - 2017. Vol. I. - Issue 47


Content 117-118

Баранюк Н.І. Baranyuk, N.I. Tools for studying organizational culture of law enforcement agencies 3-7

Дзюба Т.М. Dzuba, T.M. Conceptual models of personal occupational health 8-14

Карамушка Л.М., Терещенко К.В., Креденцер О.В., Лагодзінська В.І., Ковальчук О.С., Івкін В.М. Karamushka, L.M., Kredentser, O.V., Tereschenko, K.V., Lagodzinska, V.I., Kovalchuk, O.S., Ivkin, V.M. Relationship between teaching staff's negative mental states and educational organization culture components and index 14-22

Карамушка Л.М., Шевченко А.М. Karamushka, L.M., Shevchenko, A.M. Psychological conditions of educational organization managers' psychological well-being promotion training 22-29

Клочко А.О. Klochko, A.O. Theoretical aspects of studying the educational organization principals' management style 29-33

Коновалова О.В. Konovalova, O.V. Current problems of formation of trade and economics college students' professional motivation 33-38

Терещенко К.В. Tereshchenko, K.V. Educational staff's tolerance and its relationship with organizational culture of educational institutions in conditions of social tension 38-43

Фурс О.Й. Furs, O.Y. Mental self-regulation of representatives of extreme professions: concepts, content, features and structure 44-49

Ятчук М.С. Yatchuk, M.S. State Criminal-Executive Service of Ukraine personnel’s psychological competence development training 50-54

Дембицька Н.М. Dembytska, N.M. Personal property as a correlate of modern economic culture 55-58

Зубіашвілі І.К. Zubiashvili, І.K. Vocational guidance in socio-psychological support for the formation of high school students' monetary culture 59-64

Івкін В.М., Галаган Л.В. Ivkin, V.M., Galagan, L.V. The essence and structure of unemployed managers' competitiveness development 64-70

Креденцер О.В. Kredentser, O.V. Main forms of intrapreneurship in educational organizations 70-78

Лавренко О.В. Lavrenko, O.V. Morality of the economic human as perceived by students 78-84

Безверхий О.С. Bezverkhy, O.S. Relationship between high school students' sex and gender and their professional interests 85-90

Клибанівська Т.М. Klybanivska, T.M. The impact of the educational interaction style on student's mental state 90-95

Москальов І.О. Moskalov, I.О. Criteria and indicators of practical mind diagnostic development in future masters of moral and psychological support at the stage of operative-tactical preparation 95-102

Полякова В.І. Polyakova, V.I. Distinctive features of gender tolerance of teaching staff with different gender identity types 102-107

Пустовий О.М. Pustovy, O.M. Servicemen's group interaction socio-psychological factors: a theoretical model 108-112

Яковлева Н.Ю. Iakovleva, N.Yu. DSM-V format post-traumatic stress disorder in social life of people with hearing impairment 112-116